first frost

We had our first hard frost this morning and I was out taking photos!


Marco history

This lovely mural on the new public toilets is located along the
Forgotten World Highway. 
When I googled the school for more information, I ended up shaking my head. 
Here's what Wikipedia says about the town of Marco:

...The settlement is named from Marco Road, which runs a short distance to the northwest. The road was named after a dog owned by the district surveyor, Mr Sladden.
Marco was killed in the middle of the road line by a 
huge boar while he and his master were pig hunting.

The toilet is at the entrance to a short walkway to a single grave, that of Josh Morgan. When you get to the grave, it seems to be deep in the bush, 
but you can see it from the road.

from the road


nz oldest church

This church is on the Bay of Islands in the northern part of New Zealand, founded in 1836. As far as I know, it is still in use every Sunday. Click here for more information.


Good news about my Blogger problem

As I was going about my business commenting on Blogger with Firefox 
(instead of Chrome) I came across a page that told me 

'it seems you have third party cookies blocked'.

So I changed that one setting so I could continue. 

Of course, I was curious about Chrome and wondered if that could be my 
problem there.  I checked and, sure enough, all was well with 
my Google account using chrome again.

Weird. I have no idea why the setting would have changed, but I guess
that doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that I can comment
like usual. Yay.

I'm posting this just in case it could help someone else with the same problem.