For our 12th anniversary, Hubby wanted a candle light dinner and I wanted fish and chips on the beach, so this was our compromise :)


A touch of nostalgia

In case you haven't heard, the government of tiny New Zealand is setting an example for the world by banning single-use plastic bags.

You know, those that we invented so that we can save the forest.

In their place, we now have cloth-like reusable bags and paper bags with little string handles like this.

Well, today Hubby stopped by the store after work and brought things home in a few of the paper bags. [Yes, we have many of the other kind but, of course, forget to put them back in the car!]


As I was folding the bags up after everything was put away, I had a
nostalgia attack.

I was taken back to grade school when we covered our books with shopping bags to keep them clean. Each year, I really enjoyed getting out the scissors and folding the paper just right!

Ah, those were the days....


One of these is not like the others

We are house-sitting for a friend for a few months and she has six cats we feed each day. She also has a muscovy duck that eats cat food.

Life is interesting!



Hubby took me to see so much of the north island when I first got here, it was a whirlwind of photos and scenery.

This photo is from 2007 and I remember taking it and being curious about the 'church' but it got lost in the hub-bub of thousands of other photos.

Turns out, it's actually a Pa (a Maori word that means lots of things, including 'meeting house') for a NZ-based religion called Ratana.

Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana came to prominence as a powerful Māori spiritual leader and faith healer. He founded a religious movement and headed a pan-tribal unity movement campaigning for social justice and equality based on the Treaty of Waitangi.