Even though the 'official' start to summer was on the 1st of December, today--7 days later-- is the first day that I really felt like it was summer. I have clothes on the line, shorts on and windows open. Yay, summer!

Calves are weird

These are some of the cute little faces that have been across the fence for a while. They totally threw my observations about cows out the window!

While their full grown counter-parts do not eat calendulas and spurge among a few other things, these little ones mowed them down like they were candy!

My new theory is that they are like human babies that eat anything the can find until they start to decide what they really like.  Hey, it's a theory.

dragon fruit

The other day, Hubby popped into the local grocers for milk and came out with milk and dragon fruit. 

I have to say--I have enjoyed the unusual and untried (at least to me) fruits I have been exposed to since moving to New Zealand. I have fallen in love with feijoas and golden kiwi fruits. So, I was excited about something new to try. 

The dragon fruit doesn't look like much, but the inside was pretty. I can't say I was excited by the taste, but the texture was unusual. I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to buy one again but it seems that Pepsi made it a limited edition for the X-Factor in 2012.