Where's the Kiwi pride?

I was recently at a community function where the national anthem was sung by a school group as the audience stood in respect. As I looked around, there were very few audience members joining in. What is the problem? Is there no national pride? Are the words too hard?

Any American activity that involves the singing of the national anthem is exactly as it is perceived on tv. The bulk of the audience joins in, the older folk with their right hand over their heart, and it is sung solemnly and proudly. And, yes, most of the time, there is a thunder of applause and cheering when it is over.

Maybe New Zealanders don't appreciate the freedoms and rights that they have. *shrug*

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Aimz said...

I agree, boy when I was growing up the national anthem was drummed into us, it's the same when the rugby's on, I sometimes wonder why the all blacks don't sing it too - kiwi pride for sure?