Hollard Gardens

There is a very well kept secret just 20 minutes from Stratford where hubby and I go often just to get out. It's called Hollard Gardens, outside of Kaponga, and it's a beautiful place to walk all year round. We like to take the children along sometimes and we end up with some awesome photos!

It's part of the Taranaki Regional Council and the entrance is free, but most of the time when we go there, we scarcely see another soul. Click here for some history and information about the garden.

It's so spacious, it's hard to believe it started as a hobby for one man! And, they have made some upgrades this year with a small playground and free barbie pits. I have included some of our pictures we like a lot and if you click the title, it will take you to a folder of more pics.

It's really a shame it's so under-appreciated, so maybe I can help a little by telling you about it!

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