Farewell Spit

Click map for larger view to follow our virtual holiday tour.

 Farewell Spit is a scenic reserve and bird sanctuary. The only way to get to the end to see this lighthouse, without a special permit, is by tour bus.

A Maori carving is erected there.

Even though the spit is mostly shifting sands that are very dangerous to boats and animals (it's where most of  the whale beachings occur) there is a wetland in the middle with marsh plants and animals.

The sands are forever blown around by the wind, making ghostly shodows.

These are tiny sand images made by the wind.

I learned that it is illegal to get within 20 meters of a fur seal in NZ. We saw this one as we crossed the water from a 'pan' (a lagoon that fills with the tide then drains as the tide recedes). I can't imagine how far down the wet sand went, so it was a good thing the guide knew where he was driving.

The whole family enjoyed the tour and the tour guide was very knowledgeable and fun.  I have posted a few more photos on my photoblog. Click here.


Desiree said...

What an amazing place - it conveys a sense of stepping back in time. Quite mystical from what you've managed to convey through your photographs.

Belle said...

The image of the fur seal is amazing. You could enter it in a photo contest. Very interesting tour.

Marja said...

Cool pictures. We caught up in a sand storm on farewell spit. We had a great view on it as we went on the plane to the north island. Next time we go to the lower half of the norht island by car and discover your surroundings dear.