Tips from a cult

I don't usually watch or even listen to Dr Oz on tv. His followers remind me of a cult and it creeps me out.

But, today I had it on in the background and heard some shopping tips that were interesting.

Most of the information from his guest makes sense and was enlightening. But the one thing that caught my interest is the 'fact' that those who shop in a clock-wise movement spend less money. Hmmm.Who knew? (Besides, of course, the researchers who make a living finding out these things.)

Of course, we don't get the newest of any programs here, so I don't know when this show aired, but I found the 'facts' online at Dr Oz Fans dated April 2.
You can read the rest of the list by clicking this link.


1 comment:

Nicole said...

A change of heart can't be too late although I am not a fan of the show either.

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