Why Sky cable company sucks in NZ

SkyTV is the largest cable company (and only, for many years) in New Zealand. Since they have gotten start-up competition in the last few years, you'd think they'd put a little effort into their service.

Since I've been here, we have subscribed to a couple of their packages, each with its own drawbacks. Basically, you'd think that a cable show would be shown with little interruption--at least, that's what I think I pay for--but you are constantly bombarded with ads for their 'extras' whether you already subscribe or not.

Sadly, their 'premier' movies are the ones that I rented for $1 before I moved here. And since you have to PAY AGAIN for those movies (after you subscribe to the movie channels) it seemed quite behind the times for me.

Fortunately, we aren't into sports because, yes, you have to PAY AGAIN for any recent games on top of subscribing to all the sports channels.

I'm not sure why, but our tv guide was NEVER up to date for more than a few minutes--when we were trying to use it. I can't tell you how many times we joked about watching 'listings not available'--even after we complained and a wonderful sub-contractor came out and replaced everything for us. And, trying to see what was on more than 3 days ahead was NOT going to happen.

As for payment, we couldn't use the second most used browser in the world. Oh, no! Chrome was the 'only' one that you couldn't use to pay online. That wouldn't have been a problem is we could have set up an auto payment every month. No, not an option. They were, however, very eager to get a credit card number and take the payment whenever they wanted, but, I don't think so, Tim.

So after trying really hard to like SKY--we went from the whole package to bare bones and still had too many channels that we didn't want--we took the box back to their office. The lady behind the desk didn't ask one time why we were no longer interested. It could be that she already knew from other complaints or she just didn't give a fuzzy rat's elbow, I don't know. Whatever the reason, their PR needs some work.
When I got the refund for unused Sky today, I should have been shocked that they didn't even say 'goodbye' or kiss my butt or anything. Just:

We are very happy with IGLOO TV. The channels that they carry are just right for us. Well, if they would get 'the Box' and CI, I would be ecstatic, but for now, I can live without them.


Linda Kay said...

Glad you have found a good supplier. The first one must just get many people who leave. Maybe it's their customer service in general? Too bad for them.

Gosia said...

Honestrly each supplier has pros and cons

Amy said...

I haven't had too many issues with sky thankfully bu then then again we only have the basic package and watch more dvs than tv.

diane b said...

It doesn't sound like you are too happy with your new country. I'm not impressed with Foxtel either but hubby likes it.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

One good reason not to get a Sky and it's owned by Murdock so remember your putting money in his illgotten pocket. I'll stick with Virgin Media over here

Jenn Jilks said...

They somehow get us no matter the country, plan or deals. I feel for you!!!!

arabesque said...

well, we also had the same issue with a cable company here that is coincidentally called Sky cable also.
but i think they're not affiliated.
like you, the same hidden charges and "extra" paid channels that you have to pay as well.
In this day and age, where you can stream or download videos as easy as a pea why do they charge exorbitantly?

glad you've found the right co. for your viewing needs. ^0^

MadSnapper said...

as i read this post, i agreed with everything you said and it is exactly what we have here in USA with our Brighthouse. i could change the title and the place and add my name and it fits us perfectly. must be the same all over the world.

Jenn Jilks said...

You are funny!
"Wonderful scenery, even if it is a bit cold! "
A bit cold. -20 today. sigh.