a better view

We aren't really big on 'keeping up with the Joneses' but sometimes you just have to upgrade. Last week we bought a new-to-us car.

It's a 2008 Nissan Xtrail, imported from Japan. The electronic console (and, of course, the GPS with a female voice) were all in Japanese, as is the owner's manual. Strangely enough, there were a few English words on the console and I recognized the letters 'AV' but the rest was just a guessing game to figure out how the radio worked. We finally made it a game of  'I dare you to press the button', but the GPS would come on at random times along with a map that we think was the last directions to the port before it was exported.

Yesterday, Hubby had the console replaced with one we can read and understand. As he took the old one out to the shed, he said, 'Let's see if she can figure out where she's at now!'

My only requirement for the new car was that it sat up high so I didn't have to hurt my knees getting out. The Xtrail works very well, as it sits a lot higher than the last car.

It sits up so much higher that, when we took a ride along well-known roads, we made each other giggly by saying, 'Look! I didn't know that was over there!' or 'Hay! I couldn't see that before!'

Such a fun change. I think we'll be happy with her.
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