Kawana Mill and miller's cottage

The Whanganui River road  is one of my favorite roads to travel. There are always
wild animals roaming across the road and there are historic places like
the Kawana Mill and miller's cottage.
It is the oldest water-powered mill in existence in New Zealand.
It operated from 1854 to 1913.


gz said...

its fascinating going around the mill and wee house..glad to hear that its ok after the floods a couple of years ago..I wasn't brave enough to ride up the river road this spring!

Mikael Bergman said...

Interesting and nice pictures

Michelle said...

Old mills are always so interesting and full of history.

kiwikid said...

Always good to see the older places around NZ

diane b said...

Glad that it has been preserved for later generations to see and learn history.

Lieselotte said...

Es ist beeindruckend zu sehen, wie die Menschen vor langer Zeit ihr Tagewerk vollbrachten.
LG aus Deutschland

mvmaithai said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

This is a great place to get off the beaten track and learn some history along the way.

I used to teach ESL and several students of mine had met their U.S. spouse online and many don't even speak English! It's amazing to me. Technology levels the playing field for the savvy and adventurous to take a chance with their lives, and I salute them.

KB said...

Love seeing old building like this

MY MUSINGS said...

That St Mary's church reminds me of one not far from me called All Saints Church. :)

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