I'm OK

I just wanted to let my blog friends know that I am OK from the virus. 
There are only 4 cases in Taranaki, the district where I live, and I live quite rural. 
The Prime Minister has shut down all non-essential businesses for 4 weeks starting Wednesday.
I have been self- isolating all this time, which is easy because I am a hermit by nature!

You are all in my prayers. 

This, too, shall pass. (That's not scriptural, but it's fitting!)


Sandi said...

It will pass!

kiwimeskreations said...

Praise God it will pass - in the meantime I am in an urban setting, and relatively close to family - it is hard not being able to hug the grandies!
Stay safe

local alien said...

Glad to hear all is well with you. NZ is coping well with the virus. Just keep your distance and you'll be fine. All the best

gz said...

It will pass..it is the end of the world ....As We Know It...but many things needed to change.
Nature is giving us a well needed kick in the derrière and we would do well to heed it and change our ways once we are through this.

Stay safe xx

The Padre said...

Love The Bach Beach Photos - Be Well


kiwikid said...

Stay safe Betty.

hummelellli said...

Liebe Betty,
viele Dank für Deinen Besuch in meinem Blog.
Gerne habe ich meinen Post in Deiner Linkparty geteilt.
Ich lebe auf einer großen Deutschen Insel (Insel Rügen), es ist auch sehr ländlich. auf der Insel gibt es aktuell 17 Corona Fälle. Meine Familie und meine Freunde sind alle gesund.
Auch hier sind alle Hotels, Restaurants und Geschäfte geschlossen. Wir genießen den Frühling, die Sonne und das Meer. Wir hoffen, dass wir alle gesund bleiben!
Für Dich auch alle Gute, bleib gesund.
Sonnige Grüße von der Insel Rügen, Mandy

Nancy Chan said...

Stay safe and healthy. The partial lock down in our nation has been extended to 28 days until 14 April. Take care.

diane b said...

Keep safe. You have a brilliant Prime Minister. She doesn't dither and just gets on with the job.Glad you don't mind being a hermit. Our daughters say dad has been practicing for this moment for years because he doesn't like travelling any more.

Anne said...

Be safe.. There isn't a lock down here in Florida, but my husband and I both decided to self isolate.. If everyone did this perhaps the virus would stop!

Teresa said...

Esperemos que todo vaya bien. En España todos en casa. Saludos.