Toilet paper and God

I am not the most observant person in the world and, as I have mentioned previously, I don't usually 'think outside the box'. I want a movie to have an ending. I don't care if it's happy or not, just tell me how the story ends.

I do, however, know when God is speaking to me--most of the time, anyway. And today He spoke to me through 'Cotton Softs double length, softly white, unscented, 2 ply toilet tissue'. OK, not through it and, of course, not with an audible voice. But, nevertheless, the TP sparked a God-thought (one that I know in my heart is from Him).

See, I have to buy 'Cotton Soft's brand toilet paper because all the others I have found here irritate me in places I would never be able to mention to you face to face. This was never anything I had reason to think about in Kansas, but when you move to another country, anything can be a challenge.

I prefer the double length rolls because they, obviously, last longer on the roll. I found them once in the local Stratford store, a couple of times in a Hawera store I sometimes shop at and a couple of times in a New Plymouth store. But, again, in this country, store stock isn't as reliable as it is in US stores. That doesn't keep me from looking in every store I enter.

Things have been a little intense around our house financially, as I'm sure it is in many homes across the globe right now. So, in an effort to save gas, I did our pay-day shopping in Stratford today. When I got to the TP aisle, I found the double length rolls for the second time ever! As I gleefully pulled three packs off the shelf, the God-thought crossed my mind that, if God can make sure I have the surprise of my favorite toilet paper, then He can surely take care of everything else that is a problem in my house at the moment.

That might not make any sense to you, but I will never be convinced that it wasn't the Man Upstairs telling me that He has it all under control.

Please don't go to the toilet paper aisle in your store and hang around waiting for a voice. Even if you do, it won't be audible. And you have to find your own aisle.


Tiffany in Topeka said...

What a great reminder as I read this morning from KANSAS (where, by the way, it was 112 degrees in the shade yesterday - no lie, no exaggeration, no joke!)

Matthew 6:26 "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"

What a perfect thought for today as I get ready to start up a new school year!

Blessings Betty! :)

Heather T. said...

Love this post and I completely understand, God does speak to our hearts in the most unexpected ways and the most absolutely fabulous ways, too! He's AWESOME.

I didn't realize that there is such difference as to what is available to you in New Zealand...especially with toilet paper, never would have thought of it.

I love testimonies that remind us how perfect God's timing is, how much He cares for us in the smallest of ways just so that we'll trust and not be so worried in the bigger areas of our lives.

Anne said...

I like your blog. I read a post a while back about New Zealanders not using napkins -- I mean the kind you have at the table, the things they call serviettes. It always astonishes me when I visit my cousin in Pukukohe. How do they manage? I seem to have stuff dribbling down my chin and I can't think what to do, use the back of my hand, or perhaps lift up my shirt tail? But I love my cousin, and New Zealand and your blog reminds me of so many happy days there. Last year my husband and I spent 4 days in New Plymouth. We loved it.

Clipped Wings said...

I love your writing. Wonderful post to read.

Belle said...

It is fascinating how God uses simple every-day things to speak to our hearts. Thanks for sharing.

Lola said...

What an inspirational post. It's these little moments in life that make us conscious of the bigger picture. Thank you for reminding us to look for these moments.

Gombojav Tribe said...

God once spoke to me through a pile of cow and goat poop.

I get it.

Charlotte said...

Don't know about the TP in New Zealand but I was amazed at how bad it was in some foreign countries. Glad God helped you with this delicate discovery. It's good to know He's concerned about all the details of our lives.

Kristin said...

LOL! What a great post - "God moments" really can happen anywhere, can't they? Enjoy your TP! :)

Laura said...

I love stuff like that! You might enjoy linking up for Brag on God Fridays at www.beholdingglory.com

Misty said...

I love this post, so lighthearted. God often speaks to me in circumstances such as this, but He often approaches me when I am in the cookie isle. Love Him, praise Him! I am so happy He always has everything under control and even when we can't see it, He can.


Kel said...

you have a wicked sense of humour