NZ telly

We are considering doing away with our Sky (cable) TV because there is nothing new on lately. My favorite few shows are showing reruns--even though there are many more episodes of them made.

The movies channels show, mostly, movies I rented from the grocery store in KS before I moved here 5 years ago. That's just a statement of fact, not a judgement of the situation.

I understand that this is a very small country whose number of residents would have to be doubled to be the population of NYC. Yes, there are a few NZ made shows, but I don't  understand the jokes because I'm not British or Kiwi.

So when I read the following article on Stuff.co.nz, I thought it would be more advantageous for all the stations to just get together and show stuff that is more up-to-date from England and the US. But, that's just my opinion and it's not going to happen. But, hay, a girl can dream.

Sky TV ponders alternatives
Sky Television is weighing up whether to launch a new low-cost, pay-television service, dubbed Sky Lite, or add up to an additional 24 channels to its existing satellite service using radio spectrum freed up from the closure of analogue television broadcasts.
Chief executive John Fellet said he was cooling on a third option, which was to use the spectrum to broadcast a pay-television service to a new class of mobile phones that would be specially designed to receive television broadcasts. Another possibility was that Sky would simply hand back the spectrum to the Crown and claim a multimillion-dollar refund.
Fellet expected the company would make a decision by the end of the year. Read more here.

Hubby and Otterboy aren't that interested in tv and I usually have it on for the noise, so I think we'll just get another computer for games and stuff and be happy with no tv. It's time to get back to reading books. And there's always Youtube.


Belle said...

My sister says she wouldn't have cable if she lived in Canada! I like our TV choices, but she had a lot more in the States.

I'm surprised your movies are so old. I belong to a game site called, Big Fish Games. It has great games, but I don't know if you can join from there.

Anne said...

I am fortunate in not liking TV at all, especially the noise. The only time I see it is in NZ when I come to stay with my cousin in Pukekohe. She watches stuff like Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Coronation Street. I am always astonished at how difficult it is to get news in NZ. TV news is mostly about sports and celebrities -- and your occasional NZ murder. Or the Queen. But I love NZ and my cousin anyway and I am getting my yearly yearning to be there when our weather gets dreary and yours gets glorious.

Rachel said...

I know - nztv is terrible. I don't think there's one thing on there that we watch regularly, unless it is Survivor and even that is a few weeks late.
Thank goodness for Youtube!