packing up

We are in the middle of moving house. I will be back with pictures soon...


We'll try this again..

We found another house! This time, it's through an agent, so I don't think there will be a problem with keeping it.

I admit that I was attracted to the 'other' house because it was shiny and new (less than 20 years old), but the fact of the matter is that we're just not 'shiny and new' people. The bottom line is this: we don't really care what things cost or look like or what others think about where we live or how our home is furnished.

It's better than the 'other' house in a lot of ways:

  • it's not so 'new' that I would be afraid of getting things dirty
  • this place is smaller so it's easier to heat
  • it's so close to Hubby's work that he could ride a bike if he wanted
  • I like the layout of this house better
  • we can pretty much do what we want to 'improve' the house
  • rent is quite a bit lower 
  • the landlord doesn't live a stone's throw away
  • in fact, nobody lives a stone's throw away!
See the red circle around the house? It's surrounded by pastures paddocks and that's a milking shed to the left but there are trees blocking it from our view.

(thanks, google maps)

Don't worry about me being lonely when Hubby is at work. There are many photos just waiting for me to find them down these dirt roads!

We will be moving in two weeks! Yay!


What a difference a day makes

Yesterday, we went to see a possible rental house. The house was one that the owners built on their property to live in while they restored the homestead--that took about 3 years. We loved the house immediately. It was in our price range, with 3 big bedrooms; it had a new stove, gorgeous carpet, and an attached two-car garage with power so Hubby could do his wood working magic. It seemed perfect! It also seemed a bit underpriced, but we thought the rurality of the place and a driveway that was a tad difficult to use were the reasons for the price.

Even though we had an appointment to see another place on Tuesday, we decided we wanted this house and the owners seemed glad to have us because we gardened and were quiet, mature people. The guys shook hands in a 'gentlemens agreement' until we could get paper work done on Friday. And we giggled all the way home :)

Today it all fell apart when the owner called and told me that there had been a family emergency of some kind and they needed the house for the family to live in.

It's been a bummer of a day and we will start looking again tomorrow. I know in my head that there's a reason this happened, but my heart is still sad.

What a difference a day makes.