How many....?

I was bored earlier today and so decided to do a search for 'jpg' to see how many pictures I have stored on the computer and my external hard drive--the one that Hubby bought specifically for storage for my shots.

I knew I had a lot...yes, A LOT...of them.  I mean, if you moved from KS to NZ, I think you'd have a lot of photos, too!

I was truly gobsmacked when the search was finished. The result?


How many do you have?!


Smart birds

We went to KFC for the first time in ages the other day. They have automatic doors that use a sensor at the top, I'm sure you've see them. Apparently, sparrows are smart enough to figure out how they work!

Yes, for the second time, Hubby and I witnessed a lone sparrow open the door and fly in to help himself (or herself) to the leftovers sitting on the table and the crumbs on the floor. After eating a bit, the bird flew to the door, tripped the sensor and flew out again. Twice.

I was impressed between giggles.


Enjoying the new place

For the first time in longer than I can remember, we had a little barbecue in the back yard garden. Otterboy invited his inseparable buddy over, Hubby grilled sausages and it was so wonderful to be able to sit outside and eat and watch the boys kick a ball around, knowing the neighbors aren't going to start acting rude at any moment.

Hubby has also been working hard getting a small  veggie garden planted with peas, carrots, beans and a few other things I can't remember. He has put out planterboxes that he made along the front with some potted color in them, as well. Otterboy took over the flowerbed alongside  the house and is growing some really pretty impatiens and pansies.

I have some tomatoes growing in the glass-enclosed porch along with a few more veggie sprouts.

We are really settling in and enjoying the change. It's a bit less room in this house, I think, but the layout of the house makes it seem bigger.

Since we are only a few blocks from town, I don't have to take Hubby to work when I have to tutor at SeniorNet--I can just walk there and to the grocery store, too.

Speaking of SeniorNet, I am writing a few short courses to be taught on photo storage, trademe (NZ version of ebay), Facebook and different ways to search for things on the internet besides using your ISP homepage. I've never done anything like this before, but it seems to be coming along quite nicely.

I think this place will do until we get a transfer to a different district so Otterboy will be in a different school system.


Faith is free and prayer should be, too

Did you ever notice that, when you pray for others, answers come quite quickly; but when you pray for your own needs, it's hard to see any answers? I guess that's why the Bible says, "Share one another's burdens". And so I have looked online for groups that have the same beliefs as me to share some of my innermost concerns--sorta like a world-wide Wednesday night prayer meeting. :)

Sadly, there's a very prominent paid ad on Facebook for prayer that comes up a lot. The same site is a paid ad in Google at the very top of the list when you search for christian prayer.

I looked at the site and was appalled. You fill in the boxes for your request and then they ask how important this request is to you. When you click a box for that, there appears another window that asks for money! I couldn't believe it! When you leave the page, they offer to pray for free, but that seems a bit sacrilegious to me.

I know it costs to have websites, but if the owners of the site believe God wants it up on the internet, then they should trust that God will certainly provide. I was reminded of Smith Wigglesworth, a great British evangelist, who made a deal with God when he became a full time preacher. He told God that he would preach as long as God provided. He would never ask for a penny and told God that, "if my suit ever gets shiny (old and worn) I will go back to plumbing." He never did go back. God is so good!

Times may have changed, but God hasn't. Faith is still simple and still free. And prayer is, too if you know where to look.


Simon Baker does NZ

One of the few good programs we get is 'The Mentalist'. I love Simon Baker's character and  so I was surprise to see him in a commercial for ANZ, a bank here in NZ.