Stratford Municipal Buildings

Before it shut down, I taught at Stratford SeniorNet a couple days a week. The classes were held in the SeniorNet rooms in the old Stratford Municipal Buildings. According the this article, the present building was built in 1916.

These photos are of the ceiling of what was once the municipal library.

It's sad that this space just sits empty, but, I suppose, that's the
price of progress.


And so it begins

Officially, spring began on the first of September, although, here in New Zealand, it's a chosen date as opposed to being based on the solstice.

Either way you look at it, winter has been soooo mild and spring-like. We usually run out of firewood some time before it warms up but it looks like that won't happen this year. 

And, so with each passing day, as I prepare and expand my flower beds, it was so hard to wait until the end of October (when it should be after the last frost) to put out the seeds. Many of the flowers are already sprouting and I have one open tulip with hyacinths showing color!

So, I decided that I couldn't wait any more...

All the seeds that I harvested from my garden last year went out to the garden earlier this week. Today, I see little green sprouts popping up and I couldn't be happier!


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Who's in charge?

I never thought that feeding the birds could be their idea and not mine.
Well, not until last week when I began to suspect that they have all colluded to guilt me into feeding them.

First, they congregate on the porch and fence and stare at me through the window.

If that doesn't work--or if they see me in the kitchen for any  reason--the finches fly past the window to get my attention.

The little flashes of yellow certainly get your attention.

Then they all wait on the fence until I open the window to throw out some seeds. Of course, they fly off, except for Freddie, and usually come back before I close the window.

I have to wonder if I'm being manipulated...