Just a little update about the landlady situation:

We went to tenant tribunal yesterday and had judgments in our favor for her illegally coming into the house when we were still paying rent, the bond not being lodged, and for not cleaning the house!

The lack of cleaning part was funny when the adjudicator asked about her phone photos. The landlady told her that if she zoomed in on the photos, she can see spots. The adjudicator said, 'If I have to zoom in, it's not a problem.' And that was the end of that!

The bond situation carries a $1500 fine. 

We also may be awarded damages for the unlawful entry but it wasn't about money. We just wanted her to know that she can't do whatever she wants whenever she wants.

That was two hours worth and we have more things to discuss at a later date a she has brought up some silly things at the last minute to counter our claims.

Meanwhile, Hubby is scheduled for his knee replacement in a few weeks, so we're happy about that. I just have to keep him occupied for the first several days of his recovery!