Former Waikawa St Mary's Anglican Church

From 1902 services were held in local homes at Niagara and Waikawa, the dates dependent on “Paddy’s lantern”, the full moon, so that parishioners could see to travel to the service. The foundation stone was laid on 1 May 1930 and the church was opened and dedicated by Bishop Richards on Thursday 10 March 1932. The Vicar then was the Rev WHS Hine. Sadly, with a dwindling congregation, the church was closed in 1994. https://discover.stqry.com/v/catlins-coastal-heritage-trail/s/ad875be907684267d81958e2cb3d6083


Kawana Mill and miller's cottage

The Whanganui River road  is one of my favorite roads to travel. There are always
wild animals roaming across the road and there are historic places like
the Kawana Mill and miller's cottage.
It is the oldest water-powered mill in existence in New Zealand.
It operated from 1854 to 1913.



This is our cat Garfield. He's about 12 years old and a bit senile due to an accident before we adopted him, but we love him to bits.
Sometimes, he forgets what he's doing and he fell asleep while cleaning himself.

When I took this photo, he had been sleeping with his eyes open for about 15 minutes.

You never know what to expect from the ol' geezer!

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