Old habits die hard

When I stopped working at the casino (just before moving to NZ), I thought the things I had to do there were gone--like 'clearing my hands' for the camera after I had touched somewhere that money could be.

To do this, you put down anything you are holding, put your hands  up to shoulder height and spread all your fingers and show both sides of your hands to the camera. At any store, you could always tell who worked in a casino because we ALL did it when we put things back on a shelf.

Unfortunately, it became a habit that would take a while to stop doing. I would catch myself doing it even putting clothes away in drawers.

So, after all this time (12 years and counting) I can't believe that I just 'cleared my hands' so my cat could see that I don't have any more cheese!

The really funny part is that it seemed to satisfy him and he went back to taking a nap.



It seems that the comment moderation has returned!! Thanks for your comments and opinions to help me find out.

It seems I was looking in the 'post' settings instead of the 'email' settings to try to fix things. That's what happens when you can't 'think outside the box'!

I feel much better about the whole blogging thing now.


Still working on things.....

I found some articles that are suppose to make comments moderated again but I'm not at all sure if they will work.

I am sill thinking about what to do. Part of me wants to start another blog that would mainly be historic places that I have seen and researched--along with any other things that I might find interesting.

The other part of me just wants to stop blogging, as I have pretty much covered the cultural differences in 12 years!

If you would leave a comment here to let me know that you stopped by, I'd appreciate being able to see if the moderation has returned. And, do give me your opinion about these things...thanks!


Blogger sucks

It has been a while since I could moderate any comments on this blog, so I have no idea if you are commenting. If you are, thanks so much! (But I have no idea where they went!)

If the problem isn't cleared up soon, I will start a new blog as a continuation of this one as I'm sure I will still find things to say and show you.

I will let you know if I do and will leave a link here for you.

Thank you, my faithful followers! Here's a photo of my cats.