Google+ is changing

You might like this news or you might not.

Apparently, the social interaction of the program didn't progress as they had hoped, so the proverbial 'they' are dividing google+ into two sections called 'photos' and 'streams'.

You can read it for yourself here and here.

Personally, I didn't like google+ demanding that I join in the first place.

I don't have that many 'conversations' on FB--and that would be with people I actually know, so I can't see bothering strangers in the middle of the night just to chat.

It will be interesting to see what it will evolve into.


Where's autumn?

It's not like me to complain about being hot--I save it all for any cold that comes my way--so, I guess this is more of a comment than a complaint.

I wonder when autumn will actually show up.

Even though we don't do all that solstice calculating stuff, I think our dividing the calendar by months seems to do quite well. March 1st was the official first day of fall autumn but it looks like summer wasn't informed of the change. 

I really don't mind, as cooler weather will get here eventually. Until then, I will enjoy the wonderful weather that includes a full moon showing up as the sun goes down on the opposite horizon.