taranaki sunsets

These are some favorite skies that I have photographed lately. I will be posting some over at Photographing New Zealand, too. 


how I spent my rainy afternoon

The tail end of Cyclone Lusi wandered north to south over New Zealand today. Along with the dairy farmers in Taranaki, we were happy to get the rain for the sad looking grass, but I have to remind you that, when it rains here, it's more like a heavy misting than a rain with huge drops. Normally, rain doesn't stop us from taking drives but the wind kept us inside today. To pass the time, I watched rainbows fall to the horizon as the sun rose in the opposite sky. 



A few weeks ago, Hubby and Missy came in with a huge collection of begonias from the garden center. Apparently, some words stick in the mind because I had only mentioned them a couple of time (that I remember) when I noticed some angel-wing begonias had found their way somehow from the other house.
So, here's to Hubbies who pay attention when we least expect it!

They seem to like the back of the house that gets very limited sunlight. And, yes, that middle-right photos is a pink and a white bloom on the same plant!