My garden...

With all that has been going on with Hubby's knee (and recent broken toe!)
I haven't had time or much inclination to start my garden here.
I had scattered some seeds and bulbs but the weather has been quite
un-summer like and now autumn looms.
Oh, well! Next spring will be better :)

I did manage to get some angel-winged begonias hung up on the
front porch.



Update on the house with something special

 A while back I posted about a house down the road that was in a battle to survive--the house with something special.

Sadly, the court decided that it was not historically valuable and would be torn down. 

According to the article, "This assessment found the whare was built later than initially thought, and that the interior room was part of the building, so permission was given by the Crown entity for the building to be bulldozed."

We drove by a few days later and it was gone.