When I first arrived in New Zealand, Hubby took me on a whirlwind, multi-week tour of the North Island. I was totally fascinated with the scenery and the buildings and took it all in as best I could with the beginning of my huge photo library. 

Of course, I had no idea where everything was, but he was very good about figuring out where I was talking about when I described it to him.

One of the places he took me was one block off the highway to the scenes below, one on each side of the road. When I first saw these lovely old buildings, I thought it might be old storefronts kept up for tourists to see, as there were very few cars.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. While coming home from the Kimbolton Sculpture Festival (posted on my other blog here and here, if you're interested), Hubby took some backroads and we came across two  young men who had just pushed a car to the side of the road. 

We picked one up to take him to the next town of Mangaweka (which I didn't recognize or have any idea where it was) to get whatever they needed for the car.  

As we followed the highway, he asked us to turn and go one block over; he directed us to 'town' which was actually these buildings!



It finally happened!!

You know all those things that you put in the top of the closet because you 'might need them' sometime in the future?

Well, a year or so ago, when I bought new sheets and pillowcases, they came in these little cloth packages that matched the sheets. They were cute and looked like they could be useful. Sometime. In the future. So up they went to the top shelf of the hall closet.

Fast forward to yesterday. I noticed my hyacinth bulbs and tulip bulbs were trying to sprout and, in a panic, I looked up what to do on the internet. They recommended putting them in a cold place, like the back of the fridge so they would go back into dormancy.

Not having any paper bags, I knew plastic wouldn't do, so, looking through the closets, I was so happy to see them! I labelled them with a magic marker sharpie, dropped the bulbs in, used the little velcro closer and popped them into the fridge.

Hopefully, they will be OK there until time to plant.



Eltham toy wall

This is a hidden gem in the town of Eltham, Taranaki.

This bizarre but beautiful artwork began in 1997, when Fay found a child's toy car on the ground outside her home. She popped it atop a concrete wall for the child to find, but when the unclaimed toy kept falling off, she cemented it on.

After that, other children asked her to add their toys to the wall.

There are more toys inside the well. 

Next to the Toy Wall is this lovely little concrete village.

For more information, click here.