I must be getting old

There is not a lot of stuff on tv here that interests me and Hubby doesn't watch much at all. One thing we watch most evenings is 'The Chase' but the adverts for even that one hour make me wonder about society. It seems that little by little, the world out there has forgotten how to share and now it is sending the message that making yourself happy is the most important thing in the world.

*A couple rush their kids to bed so they can enjoy Maccas delivered without sharing with the kids.

*I don't even remember what the ad is for (that's how annoyed it makes me), but a lady pulls up next to another car and looks--just looks--over to the car beside her with a kid in the back seat rapping to a song on the radio. Kid's mom looks over, smiles with a snark and turns up the radio and joins the singing.

*A grocery store advertises the pans you can get there with several people out-and-out lying to someone on the phone so they can stay home and cook.

*And, then, there is the ad with people being disappointed about their choice of car because someone they know bought the car that they really wanted.

I know these ads don't represent most of the world, but it's sad that they should be sending such self-absorbed messages.

And then the shows that make a mockery of marriage:

*Married at First Sight

*90 Day Fiancé

Goodness, what is this world coming to?