NZ tv

There aren't a lot of things on  NZ daytime tv that I actually enjoy but I do watch (or listen to while I do something else) some of the cooking competitions. I watch them mostly because I don't have to see what's going on to understand where things are headed.

Of course, there are ads for other food competitions on these programs and some of the trailers just make me roll my eyes to hear them.

One is 'Jr. Master Chef', a British show. First of all, as I have mentioned before, I can't see NZ kids being participants because real competition is not encouraged in the schools as far as I noticed. Everybody gets a reward. In fact, what we used to call 'graduation' in my day is aptly called 'prize giving' because--yes, you guessed it, everybody gets a prize, at least in the lower grades!

The other reason this show's trailers make me roll my eyes is one judge complimenting a contestant saying, 'That literally blew me away!' NO, IT DIDN'T! If it did, you would not still be standing there, you dipstick. Look up the word 'literally' in the dictionary.

When someone decides that a program should be mirrored in NZ, like 'My Kitchen Rules' or 'Come Dine with Me', it just doesn't translate well. I really do try to watch them and I try to like them, but it just doesn't work for me.
And so, the previews for the latest 'Come Dine with Me NZ' don't impress me either. See, as a kid, I was taught to always act civilized in public--look your best and use nice words, don't argue without good cause. No, that's not being a hypocrite, it's being respectful and a good representative of the family name. It seems that the NZ contestants have been raised differently because they act less than mature on national television with name-calling and bad manners.

Hubby thinks these shows are all manipulated to put people together who are guaranteed not to get along, thus making for 'good tv'. He might be right when it comes to NZtv. The Aussie and British versions, of course, have clashing personalities but nothing like the NZ shows.

Then there is the NZ version of 'The Great British Bake Off' that I heard advertised. One female judge said, 'That's the worst thing I've ever tasted!' Granted, as a judge, she should let her opinion be known, but it's not very professional for her to be that rude, even if it tastes like dirt.

Whatever happened to dignity and respectability?

Maybe I'm just getting old but I think that some words and actions should never leave the confines of your home--especially, if it would make your mother blush.


a tisket a tasket...

We went to the Hospice Op Shop [short for 'opportunity', NZ for thrift shop] yesterday and I found this great basket for my puzzle books.  Grace had other plans.