SS Waitangi

 May 5, 2023 marks the 100 anniversary of the sinking of the SS Waitangi on the beach at Patea. 

I have several photos from when the sands scattered and revealed the remains of the ship.






The local paper ran an article with some photos of the original ship.


Meet Bruce

 We moved to our little house about a year ago. Mickey seemed happy at the new place with his chip-controlled cat flap. After a few months, we went for a 4 day trip, as we had many times before. Hubby found a lady to feed him while we were gone, so we didn't have to worry. 

Apparently, something happened to him soon after we left as the lady never saw him at any time and the food wasn't eaten. 
We were devastated that he never came home.

Fast forward to last Sunday... Out of the blue, Hubby asked me if I was ready for another cat. I, of course, said, 'Sure' and he began telling me about a very friendly cat that needed a home.

It seems the cat belonged to the owners of a small store in a nearby town but he was left behind when the store changed hands about a month ago and the new owners chased him off.

A concerned neighbor lady put a plea out on the FB page for a home for him and Hubby told her we would take him if a family with kids didn't want him.

Long story short...we have a new family member and his name is Bruce. 

They guess he's about 7 years old and as friendly as cats come. He loves being petted and wasn't scared at all when he got to our house. He's finding the best places for a nap and seems OK that we won't let him outside yet. I don't think he will wander too far when he finally gets to go out but we'll see after we get him chipped and looked over by the vet.