Sometimes, being left out is not a bad thing.

When I woke up and got some coffee, I settled down to see what was happening in the world while I slept. I was absolutely shocked to find out that we had slept through another earthquake felt in NZ! It was quite a ways off shore from the other side of the north island but people all over the country felt it.

There was no major damage, so after looking around online, I found that some people in Taranaki (where I live) felt it and others slept through it, too! 

Other than some concerned relative on social media, we weren't affected.


Date night at the theatre

Hubby took me to the movies at the King's Theatre in Stratford over the weekend and we were the
first to arrive. There was a total of 8 in the audience for the movie!

TET The King's Theater is supported by grants from the Taranaki Electric Trust.

Here are some old photos I found online.





Yes, those are American flags on the side of a New Zealand road!
It's time for the yearly round of American muscle cars gathering together
 and touring Taranaki!
This year it's the 24-27 of February.

The main street of each town is closed and the cars fill the street.
The sheer number of cars is mind-boggling!

Stratford kids get out of school each year to come see the cars. 


Huiakama School

We came across this school on our backroad journey along the
Forgotten World Highway. The first thing you see beside the sign is a bus shed.

The original building is on the left.

The space in front of the water tank looks like it could be a garden.

The football field has other uses, too!