I saw this sign a while back when I was at the pharmacy in Stratford. As I pondered how one would decide if they liked the scent of these items without using the testers (which I thought were for testing!), an employee stopped by at the display, took a bottle off the shelf, put some lotion in her hand, returned the bottle to the shelf and kept walking as she rubbed it into her hands.

In my book, that's stealing but I guess that's an old-fashioned notion.


St Joseph's Catholic Church

 This historic church is in Jerusalem, NZ, 66 km up the Whanganui River Road.

It is the second church on the site after a fire in 1888. There has been a continuous presence of the Sisters of Compassion since 1883.

You can click here for more history of the church.


the impossible dreams

 Below is a portion of an article in today's paper. 

Road Safety advocates said the 'Road to Zero' programme isn't moving fast enough.

"We are seeing some progress in certain areas, like speed interventions, but we're not seeing the scale of what we'd like to see," Caroline Perry, Brake NZ director, told Newshub. 
The Government's Road to Zero campaign ultimately wants to see no deaths at all.
To get there, one of its targets is to have 1000km of median barriers added to our roads by 2030. If we're on track, in 2024, there should be 400km installed. 

I can appreciate their enthusiasm, but that seems a bit ambitious, like the goal of New Zealand being smoke free (less than 5% smokers) by 2025. 

Before I move to NZ (2006), I bought cigarettes for $3/pack. I got here to see gross photos on the packs that sold for $12 for a pack. Now they are about $40 for a pack and you won't even know they are being sold because they have to be kept out of sight.

So, I can see how reducing smoking can happen, but you can't make drivers drive better.