they come from all over

While I was looking for a past post, the number of  views for a different one caught my eye--4999! So, I  checked out the similar posts and found this!

Now, as you can see, I haven't blogged about rude kiwis for a very long time (since August 2011, by the looks of it). I have become quite content in our little house in the paddock and my attention is focused on other things. I have also come to the conclusion that it is the area we live in that is the problem of being rude and not the whole country.

For the record, I saved this last week and the 4999 is now 5015. Obviously, this topic is not isolated, as folks from all over the world end up on my blog from a google search. But, even thoug I am no longer blogging about this topic, it's still of interest to somebody.


some advice

Never spend the night in Ohakune in the summer. It is a seasonal town that caters to snow skiers. We spent a week there one night last week. They grow carrots there.  The end.