clydesdale war memorial hall

I know that places like this have a story, but I can find no information about Clydesdale itself.
Searches add the closest town of Tangimoana to the name.

Clydesdale is in the Manawatu-Wanganui district.

**edit* Thank you 'Just Another MK' for your comment giving us a little more
 insight to this roadside bit of history.


taramakau road-rail bridge

This photo was taken in 2016 when we visited the South Island. The bridge has been replaced in 2018 and you can no longer drive over it.

Built in 1893 in Hokitika, it was



Hubby and I like to drive the backroads of New Zealand where I take a lot of photos, as you probably already know. I am usually oblivious to where we are, knowing that Hubby has it all under control, and so I am at a loss as to where many photos are taken.

That's not a problem since I can use  whereisthepicture.com/ to pinpoint the location.

More times than not, I usually get curious about the town or area name and I go hunting on the internet to see what I can find. When I used google, I didn't get much information most of the time and was left very unhappy.

Then I switched to DuckDuckGo (click here for info) and found the answer to my questions!! 

DuckDuckGo told me that the names of many of the places we venture to are simply meshblocks with no history at all. 
Of course, I had to find out more so I'm sharing it with you...

A meshblock is both a geographic unit and a classification. It is the smallest geographic unit for which statistical data is reported by Stats NZ. A meshblock is a defined geographic area, varying in size from part of a city block to large areas of rural land. Meshblocks are contiguous: each meshblock borders on another to form a network covering all of New Zealand, including coasts and inlets.http://archive.stats.govt.nz/methods/classifications-and-standards/classification-related-stats-standards/meshblock/definition.aspx#gsc.tab=0

 These are the NZ meshblocks. You can scroll inside the picture below to see all of them.

So, now I know there is not always a history behind each name place!