marsland hill, New Plymouth, NZ

Marsland Hill is in New Plymouth, Taranaki, and affords a great view of the city and shoreline. The hill has an interesting history for those interested. You can click here to read about it.

There are memorials to fallen soldiers all across New Zealand. This fountain on Marsland Hill was dedicated to those in the Boer War (1899-1902). In 1979 it was moved to a pedestrian mall and then back in 1997 when the mall closed. For inscriptions, click here.

This memorial is for those lives lost in the Taranaki Land Wars. Click here for the story.

This carillon was built by George Kibby as a memorial to his wife Mabel. It plays 4 times a day and has a range of about 25 songs. Carillon photos by Hubby.


Ohura, NZ

Ohura is a tiny town, off the beaten track, that thrived on coal mining.
This photo down the main street seems like a normal town, but, sadly, when the last mine 
closed in the 1970's, most residents left.  
Now, all the stores are deserted.

So, I converted all the photos to sepia to fit the street.

Click here and here if you want to know more about the town.


Merry Christmas!

I pray that your Christmas season is filled 
with love and peace!


depression era hut

At Pioneer Village in Stratford, I found this quite ingenious to make a house from metal drums.

The little sign on the door says 'whare' (pronounced far-ay), a Maori word that means 'home'.


st george anglican church

st- george's
This is St. George's Anglican Church in Patea. The church was built in 1885. Click here for more information.