I couldn't stand it any more so I went out to plant the seeds that I have
been collecting all winter. As I was sitting there, minding my own business
and enjoying the sunshine, I heard a cow snort.
I looked up to see this!

I went into the house to get my camera and noticed that there were more
cows watching me than I thought! To be fair, Mickey came out at one point and rolled 
around in the dirt--and, they always come over when the cats are out--but
he didn't stay long.

Life is interesting when you live rural!


cats are weird

I  will never understand cats. 

I feed ours wet food from pouches.

If I leave it in a hunk, they just lick it dry. 
If I cut it into smaller pieces, they will eat it all. 

But if I buy wet food already cut into pieces with gravy, the just lick the gravy.



The things I learn

I saw this article on a New Zealand website about Mark Twain visiting here in 1895.  I can't imagine how hard the travelling would have been.

He even visited the town of Hawera, not far from my house.

"Charles Major, mayor of Hawera, and his wife, Julia, entertained Twain during an afternoon and evening at their home and in his memoirs, Seventy Years of life in New Zealand, said of Twain 'that he was supreme among all lecturers for his congenital modesty and love of his fellows, quiet and almost retiring, nothing monstrative.'
Next day Twain left for Whanganui where he rejoined his wife, daughter, agent and his wife to take a train to Wellington and on December, 13, 1895 they boarded a ship for Sydney."

Here's the link:  https://www.stuff.co.nz/oddstuff/97588258/arthur-fryer-when-mark-twain-spent-a-night-in-hawera