my happy place

It's been almost two months since we moved and I can only hope that every house from now on is as peaceful as this one.

Hubby put a bird feeder in the middle of the front yard (at my request) and we have tried several different food items to see if there are preferences for any of the birds. So far, all the birds have eaten all that we put out! The black birds eat side by side with the sparrows and finches; the starlings/grackles and waxeyes and thrushes eat together with no problems. It's marvelous to watch. The occasional, tiny rifleman shows up for a meal but keeps its distance.

There is a pair of fantails that live in this huge bushy, overgrown thingy in the yard. At first I thought it was a tree that had been taken over by a vine or something and I had planned to dissect it in the summertime, but on closer inspection, I see that it's not--I don't know what it is. The fantails eat bugs, so the 'thing' can stay as it is.

A pair of swallows briefly stopped by for a rest on one of the power lines the other day which surprised me. I love to watch them drop like stones from the sky before they pull up at the last moment and fly off. And watching the plovers protecting their nests from the one hawk that haunts these parts is a bit loud but it's still an amazing air battle to watch.

I look forward to getting some photos of all these gorgeous creatures, as most of the birds are very comfortable in the strange but interesting trees that are against the fence. It appears that some of them might be making nests on the paddock side.

The only traffic past the front gate is milk tankers to collect from the cows and very occasional trucks for various farm things (whatever those are), but I just hear a slight noise as they slow down to make a 90-degree turn to enter the farm.

And then there is the rumble of the trains across the paddocks. At the city crossings a few miles kms away, they are accompanied by the toots of the horn but that is so distant, I don't hear it if I'm concentrating on something else. The amount of cars, of course, determines the amount of rumble and I find myself guessing how long the trains are and which way they are going.

All in all, I will enjoy being here for as long as  it lasts.


country living

I was awakened in the night by what I thought was the cat spazzing out and running through the house like a tornado, as she is prone to do from time to time. When I got up the next morning, there was a dead rabbit in the kitchen floor. Ick. But, I couldn't help but be impressed at her hunting skills.

While Hubby and I were getting our coffee, he came up with the idea of putting the dead body out to lure our neighborhood hawks close enough to photograph. I was impressed with his thinking. It beats my original thought of luring them by spearing a pork chop on a stick out in the garden.

Anyway, it worked like a charm! Click here to see the shots on my photoblog.


A giggly idea

I am so enjoying the peace and quiet and very darkness of living away from any urban setting, but after sundown, you can't  see your hand before your face without some light. Well, I heard a bit of scurrying the other day from Hubby and wondered what he was up to. I figured he'd tell me in his own time and, eventually, he led me to the hallway where he had strung up some Christmas twinkle  what are referred to here as 'faery lights' along the hallway!  

Yes, I giggled out loud when I saw them on! He put them on the same wall as the bedroom door so they just sort of glow when we're in bed and the cat decides to come in. 

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I am impressed, once again, at what goes on in that mind of his. Thanks, Hubby!