This was out backyard this morning.

It is one more time that proved Hubby wrong when he told me that it only snows every 12 years or so here! I don't really mind it because it was gone soon after this was taken.

In actuality, there have been 4 snowfalls since I've been here (almost 7 years) but only one that lasted longer than noon.

So where's that warm global warming?



I have never been one to try to 'dress to impress' or make sure my makeup and hair are done 'just so' when I go out. I don't wear makeup but I do make sure my hair is combed and my clothes are clean and presentable (as my mom used to say). 

I have always believed that I present myself as a bit more than 'average' when I am out in public, complete with smiles and manners. But that changed today.

We went to a rental agent in Hawera to inquire about housing in that area, as we are thinking of moving. We walked into the office where there were two ladies--one was a content, large lady and the other was an older crusty sort. I assumed one was the receptionist and one was the actual agent, but I hadn't a clue which was which because I know that I suck at jumping to conclusions. 

They both regarded us with no particular interest. Until Hubby announced our intentions and informed them that he has been at the same company for 14 years. When that bit of information was revealed, the crusty agent perked up and even managed a smile. She led us into her office and we conducted our business.

On our way out, Hubby said, 'Do we look homeless or something? She sure wasn't interested in us until she figured out we had money from a job!'

I try hard not to judge people by the way they look, but I'm old enough to know that the world does it all the time. I just didn't know I gave them that little to work with! 

Oh, well. I think we looked pretty good. Maybe she has just become so crusty over time from having been exposed to many 'less than average' folks.


Hubby and his baking

The other day, Hubby walked out of the computer room and asked me how much baking powder would be needed for two cups of flour to make it self-rising.
He just slowed down a little as he walked across the room while he waited for my answer (about 1 and a half teaspoons, just off the top of my head) and then proceeded a bit excitedly to the kitchen. Calling from the kitchen, the conversation went something like this:

Hubby: Are you sure?

Me: Why do you want to know?

Hubby: Ice cream bread!

Me: Ice cream bread?

Hubby: Yes, ice cream bread!

Me: You have a recipe for ice cream bread.

Hubby: Yes! Is this all the ice cream we have?

Me: Where did you get the recipe?

Hubby: On the forum! It has two ingredients!

And then there was no more conversation. All I heard was some hustle and bustle and then the blender was whirring.

Turns out, it's not bad. I think it's more like a cake than bread, but Hubby disagrees. But anyway, the recipe is as follows:

2 cups ice cream, any flavor
1 1/2 c self-rising flour

Mix, spray a loaf pan, bake at 350F (175C) for about 45 minutes.

If you don't have self-rising flour, use 2 cups flour with 1 1/2 t baking powder and about 1/4 t salt.

Hubby promises that the next batch will be better. I'll let you know.