A new experience

I've been in NZ for about 15 years and haven't seen anything really 'new' in 
a while. Well, that ended today. As usual, I needed to use the public toilet
while we were at Castlecliff Beach with Missy in Whanganui. We found
the doorway and walked inside to find the stalls, as we usually do.

 One stall had no toilet and we were a bit taken aback because neither of the
other two toilets had any toilet paper dispensers. Fortunately, I usually have
tissues in my pocket and they came to our rescue.

On the way out, I was waiting for Missy and looked around a bit.
That's when I found it. We had totally missed a large sign
that instructed us to take the toilet paper from the one dispenser just
inside the door!

 It struck us as really funny that we had missed it and Hubby probably
though we had lost our minds when we got back to the car!

We still don't know why one stall was empty but that's a mystery
for another trip.