my john deere collection

When I showed you the John Deere tractor and baler that Hubby brought home a few weeks ago, you wanted to see the rest of my collection. Well, here it is!

The old-time truck is a bank. 


I need some gardening help

*I posted this on my photo blog last week, but thought I might get a bit more help here*

I have been gardening a lot these past few days and it's quite obvious that no one has done much in this garden in a long time. Even though it's hard work, I'm enjoying it immensely! 

I found these pods of some sort on top of the ground beneath the cherry trees. I have no idea what sort of seeds they contain. Can any of you great readers/gardeners help me identify them?

Thanks in advance.



A few weeks ago, I was musing about the fact that autumn was tardy in our neck of the woods.
Overnight, we went from a snow-dusted mountain to a snow-covered mountaintop.

It usually takes a while, little by little, to turn the mountaintop white, but I guess winter is getting in an early jab. Fortunately, the cold isn't expected to last very long. I hope not, because I'm not quite ready for winter. I have some autumn gardening to do yet!


When Google knows your birthday!

I know I shouldn't be so surprised, but it makes me smile every year!