A great night out for dinner

Otterboy has been selling his model trains and accessories on trademe (NZ ebay-type place) because he has outgrown them. He got quite a bit of money for them and the first thing he wanted to do is take Hubby and me out to dinner at Marbles Restaurant (the only real buffet-style restaurant around). It was a fun night out for an occasional change of pace.

Thank you Otterboy for being so responsible and charitable!

I forgot to take my camera and can't find photos on the internet, but it's decorated with Roman gladiators with big noses on the walls and as huge statues. There's a HUGE dining area with big round tables placed throughout about a third of the space. Each one has a different cold food, bread, salad, seafood, dessert. There is also a hot bar along one wall  and a guy slicing roast beef and pork along another.

The food is pretty good, but I still have problems with the prices, but maybe I'm just cheap.

They are also advertising for Christmas. Yes, it says $35 for children under 5!

It's good to know that we have raised our son to be such a caring kid. He will do well in life.


Belle said...

That is so sweet of him to treat you to dinner. It sounds like an interesting place, but yes, it is expensive!

Yvonne said...

You do have a sweet son. I would be expecting heaven on earth for my $75, lol.

Sarah said...

Aww that's so nice of him. I don't know too many adults let alone teenagers who do that.

Marja said...

What a gorgeous boy I will send my kids over to learn from him. Happy you had a nice time