She turned me down

I just had an interesting chat with a Jehovah's Witness lady who comes around occasionally.

She is a very nice person to talk to--not demanding or one to pressure you--and we get along quite well. I know that we won't ever agree on any of the 'interpretations' that divide religious groups, but we do agree on the basics, that Jesus died for our sins and acceptance of that fact into you life leads to a better life after this one. In their case, it's not immediate, but eventual, but I digress.

Anyway, since we are both believers and since I am a huge advocate of prayer, it seemed like a good idea to invite her to start a regular prayer time for our city and it's citizens once a month or so. I have never actually invited her into my house until today so the past visits have been spent on the doorstep.

She came at the appointed time and I invited her in.

I was a bit expectant when I gave her my proposition to pray and she was duly impressed that I would offer her such an opportunity.

She declined.


I'm not exactly sure why, even though I did ask her directly 'why?' but I think it's about the fact that she thought I prayed to Jesus and she prays to Jehovah....Personally, I think God is big enough to figure out the details if we pray together, but, oh, well.

I hope there will be a change of heart for her. I will let you know if there is. It would certainly be the beginning of some good things for our city.


Scrappy Grams said...

You put your best effort forth...that says a lot.

Belle said...

It was a lovely offer. Too bad she wouldn't join you in prayer.