Grace's version of Charades

I blogged earlier that Grace loves to sleep on my shoulder (click here for that post and photo). But only when I'm on the computer. It sure makes it hard to type with both hands when a large part of my torso is used as a prop for a full-grown cat and I'm slouched at an angle away from the keyboard, but being the sucker that I am, I accommodate her most of the time.

Sadly, I'm the only one with that special touch, much to the dismay of us all. I assume it's because I'm here all the time and am more of a stable object in her life. But I really wouldn't mind sharing that 'burden' of being Grace's day-bed. Really, I wouldn't.

Well, lately, she has been more vocal on occasion, meowing while she paced in front of the computer room door. I'd open the door, thinking she wanted into the room and she'd walk in like she owned the place, watching to see if I'd follow. If I didn't, she'd meow to be let out again. But if I stayed, she'd continue meowing at Hubby's feet while he was in 'the chair'. We both would work hard trying to figure out what she wanted, but I had not a clue, so I'd leave. When I left the room, she left with me.

This went on several times but it seemed all very cryptic to me, being the anal person that I am. I don't 'think outside the box' and all that stuff. But Hubby to the rescue! He finally figured it all out. He's good like that.

She was trying to tell me to go into the computer room, make 'him' get up and sit down at the computer so she could have a nap on me.

All in all, not too shabby for not knowing English.


merinz said...

Cats are cleverer than we give them credit for.

Shelly said...

Oh, that's funny! One smart cat, too-

charlotte's menagerie said...

I hate to tell you this, but I knew the answer in the middle of the third paragraph. I have a large cat like that. But Cloud doesn't sit on me while I'm at the computer--thank goodness. Cats are great a communicating what they want. We just don't talk their language.

Regina said...

Adorable! My cat is like that as well. Sometimes he opens the door himself and meows at me to follow him!