No screens in NZ

So many of you have asked about screens for windows here in New Zealand.

We have two types of windows in our house that are pretty standard for NZ homes and you will notice that they open outward. So, you can see why screens like those in the US are not an option.

There is a new type of magnetic screens I've seen advertised that fits inside on metal window frames. You just  pull up a corner to open and close the window.

The problem with that is that many of the rental homes are older ones that would have to update the windows for these screens. I have no idea how expensive they would be but I doubt that most landlords would be willing to buy them.

We bought some 'screen doors' that attach with velcro (and pins to keep the velcro in place) that  open down the middle with magnets. They work OK as long as there's not a wind to blow it open.

And, I noticed a screen door that folds up like an accordion that looks promising.

So, that's what happens when you live in a young country that is only the size of a medium-sized US state.

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