After all this time....

...I am still finding things that boggle my mind. This article from the newspaper makes you shake your head! 

All that separates Linton Military Camp from the rest of the world is little more than a stock fence, a portion of deer fencing, and a residential profile aluminium fence. 
Part of the perimeter fence at Linton Military Camp. Would it deter intruders? Hardly.

It's not much better than a No 8 wire job and the Defence Force has known for years its security is too lax for a 21st century military base. Stroll in off the local golf course, climb over a fence and throw contraband over the wire to in,ante in the prison!  Read more here   https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/101085189/linton-military-camp-is-building-a-new-fence-for-extra-security
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