a covid tale

On Friday, the first of July, Hubby came home early because he had tested positive for covid, much to our surprise.  It was especially shocking since, for weeks and weeks, he talked about co-workers having it  and being out of work , but he never seemed to be exposed. In hindsight, it all became clear.

Hubby is a member of Toastmasters in the nearest town. But the farther we moved from 'town' the less frequently he attended meetings and saw his friends, so last Tuesday the 28th, he made a point to go to a special meeting for some fun and socializing. It seems that the meeting included balloons that the each member had to pop--but you couldn't pop it the same way anybody else did, so, Hubby tore his open with his teeth!! (That did not surprise me at all but I'm sure he got some shocked expressions!)

It seems that the one who blew up the balloons had no idea they had covid and, pretty much, gave it to all the other members in little balls of breath.

Fortunately, we both have pretty much gotten over it during the week that we are suppose to self-isolate.  But, I can only imagine how the balloon-blower-upper feels.


Terra said...

Wow, that is the most unusual way of catching Covid I have heard of. I hope your husband is well soon.

kiwimeskreations said...

Not the best but certainly a novel way to 'catch' covid!! We have just had it in the house here, but I escaped, thankfully.

gz said...

Hope all goes well...when himself caught the Lurgy here we managed to self isolate in the house..I stayed clear. But he did get a bit grumpy with sleeping apart for nearly a fortnight 😄

kiwikid said...

That is an unusual way of catching the virus!

diane b said...

Wow what a way to catch it. Hope you are both recovered completely.

Karin Lissi said...

Dear Betty, you can't even imagine what you can get infected with Covid, it's unbelievable and frightening at the same time. Both of you are certainly fully recovered in the meantime and I wish you continued good health, warm greetings to you, Karin Lissi