My, how times have changed

 As I was growing up, I always thought that my grandparents lived in the most amazing time. It had to be marvelous to watch the world go from horse and buggies to automobiles to space ships.

But, now I have to wonder about that conclusion. 

You see, we recently bought a new top loader washer and I was so very shocked to find that the washers don't have agitators any more! I mean it was merely 15 years ago that the one we bought had one. I felt comfortable with that purchase. It was  a fair exchange of like machines--with agitators and their droll swish back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

It seems that now there are 'better' ways to move clothes around to get them clean. The machine even senses the weight of the clothes and determines how much water is needed for that load--nothing for me to calculate and press corresponding buttons for the correct wash--just  turn it on and tell it what's being washed.

I am truly shocked at today's machines but, I guess I am showing my age. Or maybe it's just the fact that I am not out in the world shopping around very often and don't care to read much about what is going on out there. Whatever the reason, I am sure that both of my grandmas would be calling it all witchcraft.

I suppose the only thing I could wish for now is for an actual English-speaking person to writhe the  little manual that came with the machine.

"Possible to select the function for each program. (Example) For a simple washing as the little dirt program:" The need to work on that.


kiwimeskreations said...

Yes, today's machines are certainly in another league altogether - my grandson is fascinated with my top loading machine!! It looks as though your instruction manual was written in chinglish!

gz said...

How an earth does a top loader work without an agitator?!!
I love using them when we visit NZ....user friendly!

Niki said...

"Little dirt program" made me laugh. We bought a new washer (and dryer) about 10+ years ago. No agitator. I don't know how it does it, but it seems to do a fine job getting our laundry clean. I don't follow what's new either, so I'm always surprised when I have to get some new gadget or electronic and it can do unexpected things. Even though we've had phones with internet and cameras for several years now, I'm still sometimes amazed when I think of the phones we had growing up. Crazy stuff.

Karin Lissi said...

Liebe Betty, ja, die liebe Technik überrascht uns immer wieder, auch sie entwickelt
sich immer weiter und manchmal versteht man nicht, wie es funktioniert, ist aber froh,
dass es funktioniert. Nicht alle Erneuerungen sind gut, aber sehr oft und man kann dankbar
sein, dass es Menschen gibt die sich Gedanken über die Technik machen und sie weiter entwickeln zum Vorteil der Menschheit.
Ich sende dir einen lieben Gruß in deinen Tag und danke, dass du mich besucht hast, Karin Lissi