A rant about people....

Sometimes, don't you just want to grab somebody by the shoulders, shake vigorously, and say, "What the **** were you thinking?"

If I could insert the following into their brains, I'd feel much better...

  • You are the parent, quit letting 2-year olds make choices--that's why they HAVE parents

  • Life is full of choices--even choosing to trust or give the benefit of the doubt

  • If you are going to be a leader, be a leader by example, not just a title

  • Don't ask questions that you don't want an honest answer to

  • If you think your kid will hate you for a bit of discipline, take that chance, we, as a society, will appreciate that he didn't break into our house because of it
  • Yes, you do have emotions but try to control them. We don't need or want to hear about every little thought that goes through your head

  • Even after many years of 'knowing' someone you can be wrong, so don't assume

  • Revenge, even on a small scale, is not a good thing. Not every actions needs an immediate reaction

  • If you don't know what your opinions are, take a bit of time to find out. Then stand by them. Don't flip-flop--it isn't pretty

  • If YOU teach your kids about acceptable behavior, it will be much easier on them than the bully in the school yard doing it

  • If you care, then care all the way, 24/7--not just when it's comfortable (because I guarantee there are times when they aren't comfortable with you, either)
  • Sometimes, you should be content with the fact that you did the right thing without having to have it noticed

  • If you think about 'things' more often than people, you have some serious work to do on yourself
  • Gossip does NOT make you look important, no matter how juicy it is or how many times you repeat it

  • Believe it or not, there are more numbers on the 'anger dial' than just zero and 10. Sometimes a simple touch or word can help you decide that there's no need to be angry at all.

  • Moms, you are the ONLY ones that care about your toddler being able to express himself in the grocery store--the rest of us aren't interested and, even behind the faux smiles, are thinking, "Shut your freakin' kid up!"

  • If you can look yourself in the mirror and like who looks back, it's all good.



Sandra said...

Here's a quote I found: The problem with people is their stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

Anonymous said...

Love this! LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

Too funny! While I was one of those parents who talked tomy daughter, it amazes me at how many let their kids go buck wild.
Thanks for the laugh.