How do they find me?

I really like my feedjit widget. I keep it specifically so I can see how internet surfers find my blog. I don't look at the 'real time' clicks very often, but I always find a giggle there.

'Dark Sucker Theory' searches usually come in bunches, especially when one person links me on a forum board.

'Rude Kiwi' comes up a lot from all over the world. Just for the record, I define the difference between Kiwi friendliness compared to US as rude--although, I understand that it's simply a cultural difference. Very frustrating.

'Maori Potatoes' is a popular search. I guess lots of places know that the Maori term means 'poo'.

My 'Eltham Toy Wall' post got several hits because someone linked my post on their website, http://www.elthamnz.com/sites.html .

'New Zealand Trivia' comes up a lot. Glad to help!

Today there was a search for 'Chicken Trivia about New Zealand'...I really don't want to know.

A search for 'New Zealand cabin best' got to my 'cabin fever' post.

The 'Bumper Sticker' posts get quite a few hits.

I'm pretty sure they are surprised at my opinion on 'NZ school system'.

Recipe searches find my Pound Cake recipe.

'Patheticat' searches find my posts about our cat, Bubba.

'US and NZ comparisons' searches find their way to me.

When I started blogging, I never thought I'd be this involved in the blog world. I have fallen into the clever blog trap set by nefarious people with too much time on their hands.


Sandra said...

Ha! I LOVE it! It is always interesting to see how people find our blogs.

Marja said...

Just visiting I love feedit as well and stil check it.

April Belle said...

Fascinating! I never even knew about his widget, lol. Shows how blog-savvy I am. You are certainly getting some interesting visitors!

(love your profile description on the left of your blog, btw... what a great sentiment!)

Louise said...

Google searches are always fun. I'm glad you enjoyed yours.

Anonymous said...

Funny! And interesting too!

Jewel Allen said...

Not sure I want to see what my feedjit comes up with, LOL.

BLS said...

For some reason I get lots of hits on giant bumble bee and the strangest one recently is where in christchurch can i catch a new zealand falcon bird!
Thanks for visiting have a great week.

Joe Todd said...

I've been to your blog before but don't remeber how why or when isn't the internet great. Great post

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Neat tracking device, Betty... I've enjoyed blogging so much since I have met people from all over the world. The internet is totally awesome.

Hope life is great for you DOWN there.

LadyFi said...

Ha ha! Dark sucker theory - now there's a classic search term! Wonder what they are looking for?

Amelia (Barcodes NZ) said...

Dark Sucker Theory is my favourite theory ;) you have some very interesting search terms used to find your site! The one about the chicken has me baffled.