Thoughts...probably TMI

In 1977, the NZ law for turning across oncoming traffic became ridiculous. It called for those creeping around the corner to yield give way to those crossing traffic. (I will pause and let you run through that scenario in your mind. Yes, in the US, right turns have to let those turning left into the same direction go first.) They are now considering changing it back to coincide with the rest of the world. Hoo-ray.

This metric thing still messes with my head. Not that I can't do any of the conversions--Puh-lease! I don't even try. I just ask hubby! No, it's the fact that it's not used for everything. I mean, if you're going to be metric, then BE METRIC! Don't be 'metric, except for the following things':
  • a dozen eggs
  • computer/tv screen size in inches
  • large amounts of liquid are termed in gallons
  • photo prints/picture frames sold in inches
  • recipes use cups and tea/tablespoons
Of course, NZ can't help but be a bit confused if the motherland of England buys litres of gas to travel in miles!!

Reporting here still sucks. 'They' expect you to know what you're reading about before you read their article. Does anyone besides me see the flaw in that logic?

I'm pretty sure I will never order a prawn pizza from Pizza Hut. (I don't think anybody should ever eat bottom-feeders.) And I still can't find any Italian sausage to make a 'real' pizza.

Hearing 'McDonalds' and 'Weight Watchers' in the same sentence without it being a full-swing comparison was something I never imagined I'd ever hear. I was wrong.

It's hard to believe that a phone service could bomb as badly as Telecom's XT phone service did. Click for news item. I'm glad we left them a while back.

I thought some things only happened in America, but even here a nuisance neighbor called the cops because he thought the neighborhood was harassing him by calling the noise control office--even though he was playing his music loud enough to be heard several blocks away! It seems that after the police did their 'courtesy calls' and gathered all the evidence that he was found listening to his music in the back garden again, but this time only he could hear it!

Now and then,I would love to be a fly on the wall of some advertising agencies. Maybe then I could figure out why the same Fujifilm cameras don't have the same number all around the world. Maybe Americans just like smaller numbers.


Deb said...

it is fun hearing your stories...

chitra said...

I think you are getting accustomed to NZ .
Talk of people playing loud music or using speakers for meetings.. Here if we complain we would treated as if we have landed from an alien planet.

Sandy said...

I hate inconsistencies! As you said, if you're metric, be all metric.

Michelle said...

I love your list of oddities. Although I am stuck at the dozen eggs. What is the count when you're doing metric for eggs? I wasn't even thinking of a dozen being metric or not....

Amy said...

I can't imagine not using the give way to all traffic on right lol but then again I'm sure if I tried the way it's going to be changed to I'd get use to it :-)

Connie said...

I can't convert my brain to metric either... I try, but it doesn't usually stick. And I'm used to driving in the Middle East... right turn yielding to left turners? But what if the guy is making a left handed U-turn from the right lane in front of you when you're trying to make a simple left? What is this yielding and staying in lane nonsense? I turn whenever I darn well feel like it (or I'd be stuck sitting in place forever while others drive randomly around me). ;)

Louise | Italy said...

Betty, I'm warning you, prawns were never meant to go on pizzas. Seafood pizzas are dangerous, believe me. Unless you see the boat that caught the prawns pull up onto the shore as you sit down and order, DON'T!

Brenda said...

I would eat a prawn pizza, but I would not eat tuna on my pizza like they do in some places.

I think the inconsistencies are fascinating. . . .

Valerie said...

Oh, I am confused. I got stuck back on the first paragraph! Really?? ... in the US if you are turning right on a green light ... you have to allow the person turning left on to the same road to go ahead of you? Perhaps I misunderstood you, cause that is not the rule here in New York State (no I didn't say New York City ... they are a foreign country all to themselves!)

If we are at a stop sign the person going straight or the person going right - always has the right of way over a person crossing traffic and turning left.

Did I misunderstand?

My huge pet peeve is that people (in my town) don't know the rules of the road. Especially at 4 way stops. If 2 folks approach an intersection at the same time and one is going left and the other is going straight - we ALWAYS have a WAVING WAR! The law states that the person going straight should go first. Then the Left hand turn can take place. But here - you both sit there because you are afraid of what the others will do. So you wait till you get the wave sign to go ahead.

I mean I am all for politeness - but the rules are plainly printed! Even the police have waved their hand to let me turn left in front of them - when it is clearly in the law (I have checked cause my husband and I argue this all the time) that the person going straight has the right of way.

Why do things have to be so difficult???

Connie said...

Valerie, you would side with my husband in our traffic arguments! I don't know how many times, where, as I cut out to drive in the middle of the road, my husband would complain about straddling the lines and not staying in the lanes.. which, in some places, makes a whole lot of sense(!), but in other places, well, if you don't take advantage of that extra space in the road, someone else will and you'll just be stuck in traffic that much longer. Just because there are written rules, or two lanes painted where 3 or 4 cars will fit across, doesn't mean those are the rules/lanes you should follow... I'm all about 'when in Rome do as the Romans do' whereas my husband would be the one with the law book saying "But...!!" He's so logical, and I am not... but I guess it's good we have a little of both, you know, for balance :)

Juli said...

The Give Way Rule is so stupid. It's like a game of chicken, when you need to guess if the other driver will give way to you or not. Me no like-y.

There is not good pizza in NZ. But I have had good luck making my own. My butcher has some lovely pork and fennel sausages that are sublime.