The Boat that Rocked

So, now I'm in a country that was prominently settled by the English and who are the antithesis to American culture. A lot of our TV shows are straight from England and some lead to some very interesting conversations between the Murcan Wife and Pommy Hubby--mostly beginning with 'that wouldn't have happened in America!'...

I've never been this close to English culture before and find it quite an eye-opener. I finally realize why the Pilgrims left. No, really. Not just because of impulsive rebellion. They had their reasons.

We recently saw the movie The Boat that Rocked. Despite the title sounding like it should be some sort of oceanic porn, it's actually a based-on-fact account of Rock and Roll Radio in England in the 1960's. The government owned and operated the air waves but wouldn't play what the people wanted. So, pirate radio stations started anchoring offshore to play the good stuff.

That wouldn't have happened in America!

Now you know why the Beatles had to go to the US to be heard.


PeeJay said...

Aaaaah! Pirate radio - Radio Caroline etal! Part of the rebellious 1960s. Think they call it 'people power' because it lead to the complete reorganisation of the UK's airwaves and .... the Beatles were already 'big' in the UK before they went to the US. It was progressing their career. Memories!

Connie said...

There was much that I absolutely adored about living in the UK, but some was way off...it was surreal. I felt like I was dropped a century (or more) into the past, and I'm not referring to the buildings.

And Then Kate said...

So true. While I have a soft spot for the English accent, I have nothing but steely glares for most English humor. They picked a nice spot in New Zealand, though...you must be in love with it.