Oatmeal Bread recipe

I don't even know why I thought this would be a good recipe when I stole found it on the internet. It sat among my disorganized recipes for months before I decided to give it a try. And, I must say it's a definite change from the bread I have made in the past. It's very moist and is really, really good toasted.

Oatmeal Bread

Heat 3 cups of water in the microwave for two minutes.

Add 2 c oatmeal (not instant)
      1/2 c honey
      2 T salt
      2 T oil

Stir  and allow to cool.

Meanwhile, mix 2 T yeast
                      1 t sugar
                      1-14 c warm water 

Allow to begin to froth.

Combine the two mixtures and add about 10 c flour, enough to make a firm dough. Knead for about 2 minutes; put into buttered dish, turn, cover and allow to double in size.

Shape loaves or buns and place in buttered dish to double again.

Bake at 325F (150C) for about 35 minutes or until browned.


Marja said...

Thanks I absolutely love self made bread

Connie said...

That sounds rich and tasty! :) I made a lovely Guiness and molasses bread this week that disappeared too fast. The sweetness of the molasses and the slight bitter of the beer was amazing http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/guinness_bread_with_molasses/

Thanks for the oatmeal bread recipe - I'll have to try it out!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Have you been busy baking and not looked out of your window? This evening's news had a shot of Mt Taranaki. It is calling me to go skiing tomorrow. What a glorious sight.

Are the boy scouts and their leader ready?

FranE said...

Will have to give it a try. When did I miss the change in back ground...It appears to fit your mood.