Five years, already?

I woke up this morning to Hubby saying 'Happy Anniversary' in my ear. When the fuzzies left my brain, I realized that it's the anniversary of my arrival in New Zealand.

Yes, 5 years ago today, at 5:30 am, I got off the plane in Auckland and saw Hubby for the first time. 

My life since I've been here has been nothing at all like I was used to in the US. But that's all OK.

Life should be lived. Risks should be taken. Obstacles should be confronted. Those are the things that make us grow and appreciate what we have. And make us know we are alive.

To tell you the truth, I never, ever thought in a million years that I would be living the second half of my life halfway around the world....in a country I barely know how to find on a map...with a husband after many, many comfortably boring years alone...with teenage kids and all that entails...and having to adjust and find who I am again.

But, I know that I know that I know that I am where I should be.

And it's all good.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Happy Anniversary... wel done on investigating and creating a happy future for yourself :)
May you have many ore happy years together and here in New Zealand.

Sarah said...

Happy New Zealand anniversary! I thought moving from the city to a small country town was a culture shock, but moving countries is huge.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love reading bits of your personal story (as a fairly new reader -- I have tried to read your archives to catch up, but it's kinda' hard.) Happy Anniversary~

Lola said...

We all need to be brave and remember to live. Your story is a great reminder of this. Happy anniversary.

melody-mae said...

happy anniversary and may you have MANY more!

Hummer said...

Happy Anniversary. It has been wonderful for those of us who follow to see NZ through your eyes. :)

Joyful said...

I say you are a brave woman and I'm glad it all worked out for you. I read in another post you just passed your 10th anniversary. That's awesome. May you have MANY, MANY more.