Rerun 2/09

These are one type of Maori potatoes that my hubby thought would be fun to grow.  They are purple, inside and out, and make very interesting potato salad!  They are called 'roke kuri' .  The literal translation is 'dog poo' (well, not exactly 'poo', but this is a G-rated blog).  Gotta love the Maori language.

There seems to be a trend in food color here.  You can read about purple carrots here. I found them quite tasty, a bit sweeter than orange ones.

And we have some purple cauliflower seed to plant later in the fall.

The food may be boring, as I have blogged about before, but it is colorful.


KalpanaS said...

purple potatoes! thats new! but...come to thing of it brings some childhood memories of seeing purple tinged tubers in India.
Do they taste different?

Scrappy Grams said...

the potatoes look like gems to me!

Clipped Wings said...

You're definitely on a purple roll with your veggies. Purple potatoes would indeed make a great looking potato salad.

chitra said...

Long time since I visited you Betty.I haven't seen or heard about these purple potatoes. News to me.

bettyl said...

@ KalpanaS - they are a bit sweeter than other potatoes and they turn the potato salad purple if you stir them up too much!

Marja said...

Never saw them before I only know the kumra, one of my favourites. Wonder how this one tastes