Some things cannot be un-seen

Today, I saw something that I wish I could un-see.

We have a channel that is dedicated to programs in the Maori (indigenous people's) language.

As we scrolled this evening through the few free channels that we have, I noticed on the Maori channel that it said 'Mr Ed'. Considering that Kiwis abbreviate everything I didn't think much about it the instant I saw it. A few seconds later, Wilbur and his horse came to mind and I had to back up to make sure that the show wasn't what my brain was trying to process.

It was.

It was the old 60's program with English subtitles and one man translating all the parts into Maori.

I have nothing against the Maori language but it's still something I wish I could un-see.


Belle said...

Of all the programs they pick that one!

Lindy said...

I would have loved to heard him translate Mr. Ed saying "Hey Willl-buuuuur!"

merinz said...

Strange choice of programme to use - I would have thought that a documentary would be more ideal for translation.