Tarawhata Hot Mineral Baths

For my birthday last week and his next month, Hubby got us coupons for several dips in the Hot Pools. It's soooo relaxing to sit for 30 minutes in a private spa pool filled with as-hot-as-you-like mineral water!

There are many such places in New Zealand that use the natural waters that bubble underground as theraputic waters--like Teddy Roosevelt used back in the day.

Here are some facts I found about the place we go to in New Plymouth.

The Historical Tarawhata Hot Mineral Baths were exploited following the search for oil in New Plymouth in. In 1909 the Bonithon Freehold Petroleum Company drilled a 3004ft (1 kilometre) well. They found no oil, but plenty of warm mineral water, which ran to waste until 1914. Then J Solomon, of New Plymouth built a 25 metre by 12 metre bath house which was used as a public swimming pool, as well as several private baths, all of which were enclosed in the same building.
In the mid 1960's the baths closed to the public. In 1999 the Bonithon Spa Health Co.Ltd re-established the Historical Bath House to a 5 star Mineral Health Spa.
If you still want to know more, follow the link below.
 I think this might be the best gift yet! 


Lynn said...

Hi new friend! I am so thankful you stopped by my blog and left a comment. I am on my way to my grandson's baseball tournament today but want to come back and see more of this very interesting blog. You moved from Kansas to NZ??? WOW. I am intrigued as how that came about. What an experience for you. Love, love, love your header. Yes, water does make for very interesting pictures. I think your hubby's gift is delightful. Blessings.

Susan said...

Hello Bettyl....Thank you so much for your post and also for stopping by my blog and commenting. Great to have you.

You are a wonderful photographer! Susan

merinz said...

Happy birthday for last week!! Enjoy those hot pools. We have several here in the Bay of Plenty.